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We help children on the autism spectrum or with advanced developmental/social challenges.  Now we are excited to offer our high-quality academics ONLINE — combined with therapeutic and developmental support tailored to each student .  Our virtual classroom, certified teachers, and ABA therapists now can meet you at home, wherever you live!   Use the easy form below.  Tell us about your child. We have convenient and supportive full/part-time ONLINE options to fit your family’s needs and life.  Initial consultation is free.  Contact us now 24/7!


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Whether you are facing the confusion of your child’s new diagnosis — or are experienced and looking for a better option — Wind Rose Academy & Life Skills Center represents a new chance for your child to navigate successfully through life. 

Wind Rose’s integrative model provides students all needed therapies, combined with an academic education and long-term life skillsStudents connect and learn through the house system, extra-curricular activities, and field trips– or online together with newest remote learning technology!

Wind Rose Academy represents a new generation of schools for children on the autism spectrum.  Here we meet each student’s unique needs — and optimize their ability to function and participate in adult society.

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Whether you have a new diagnosis or are looking for a better option, Wind Rose Academy can help. Let us navigate this together.

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Wind Rose Academy would like to thank Concept Connections, a premier provider of Autism/ABA Therapy, for all of their support. Whether you have a new diagnosis or are experienced and need a better option, Concept-Connections can help. 

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